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Warner Bros. Releases Footage for Young Justice at SDCC 2012: And Look What Character Finally Made The Cut!

…That’s right! It is official. Deathstroke, along with numerous other villains and heroes (which you can catch a glimpse of in the video above), will be joining the show’s amazing roster of characters after the mid-season hiatus of ‘Invasion’.

Why does Deathstroke have a pony tail!?!

The footage also gives us a fantastic first look at Deathstroke and what we can expect him to look like on the show.

Yes, Slade has received the Young Justice make-over, and  just like all the other characters who receive this transformation to better fit the show’s style there really isn’t all that much for fans to bitch and moan about. Granted, the Young Justice version of his costume is a far cry from the original and the manly pony-tail (reaches up behind Slade with a large pair of beautician scissors and…) I think we can all agree that has got to go. However even these changes can be overlooked because in the Young Justice universe one thing has been made very clear, alongside the young heroes, some of the big time heroes and villains still look to be in their beginning stages, nearer to their origin stories (examples being Jade as Cheshire, Beastboy, Wondergirl, ect.) So perhaps this is a younger version of Slade where he is just starting out as the mercenary known as Deathstroke, and that could explain why his costume/ looks are somewhat underdeveloped.

Overall the creators/artists of Young Justice have successfully captured Deathstroke’s looks, even if they have simplified it down to key elements and iconic objects, such as the half black-half orange mask, His large two-handed sword, and is that a power-staff I see! The final point being, all the visual parts that make Deathstroke, well Deathstroke are there. So now fellow fans all we can do is wait and hope. Hope for the right voice actor (My vote is in for Ron Perlman! XD) and hope for an episode with good plot that will let Slade’s character shine a little.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Deathstroke on Young Justice? What characters would you most want to see fight him on the show? Who should voice Deathstroke? What about his new looks? Do you hate it? Love it? Please share! ^^


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    I’ve only just started watching Young Justice but knowing Slade is going to be in it makes me happy. Slade is probably...
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    I want the ponytail to go. As far as I know, nowhere in the comics does Slade ever have long ass hair like Nightwing’s...
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    Okay, one: Yes to always Ron Perlman voicing Slade. Ron Perlman is awesome. Sencondly, THAT IS NOT A PONYTAIL. THAT’S AN...
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