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Deathstroke's Must Read Stories

I Agree with all of these except the last suggestion. Judas Contract, Trial of the Terminator, and Full Cycle are some of my all time favorite stories and definitely great places to start if you’re new to the character.

Also did I mention how over the moon I am that Deathstroke was named character of the month? I am OVER THE MOON HAPPY.


Deathstroke Will Make a Guest Appearance in Ravagers #10

On sale Tomorrow, March 13th

Someone claiming to be Terra’s brother comes to the team. Unfortunately, Deathstroke the Terminator isn’t far behind him!The Ravagers are having serious trust issues already, so a visit from the world’s deadliest assassin certainly won’t help!

Continue below for preview…

And remember to pick up Deathstroke #18 and Team 7 #6 this Wednesday too!

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Paleyfest Interview with Arrow Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg

Mingle Media TV Network caught up with Kreisburg at Paleyfest and asked him a few questions about possible plot points from the comics that may appear on the show and what it’s like having Manu Bennett on set. Here’s what the Producer had to say about working with Manu…

"Well, it’s funny because I’m a huge fan of Spartacus and truth be told, Manu was hired because we knew he was badass and we needed someone to play Deathstroke who is the biggest badass in the DC Universe. But Manu himself is such a sweet, funny guy. That’s really changed our conception of the character and allowed us to develop this fun, brotherly banter with Oliver and Slade on the island. It’s really become more of a Han Solo, Luke Skywalker relationship than what we were actually envisioning. it’s a great example of someone being hired and providing far more than what any of us were expecting. Writing Slade right now, he’s my new favorite character."

See the full interview at

Arrow Exclusive Interview Reveals New Plot Points Concerning the Island

Shado actress Celine Jade talked to about her character’s future team-up with Oliver and Slade…

“She will team up with Slade and Oliver to get on the rescue mission to save her father and escape the island…Somehow they have to come up with a way to leave the island…Surprisingly, Slade will be OK with Shado sticking around, especially considering it may take some of the responsibility off of him…Slade’s a little bit surprised by her martial arts skills…Her fighting might even be better than Slade’s. Slade’s been having trouble teaching Oliver how to do martial arts. Shado comes from different sort of training, so she’ll have a go at teaching Oliver how to fight. In the end, they’re on the same team. They want to save Yao-Fei and get off the island.”

See the full interview in the link provided above.

Thoughts & Concerns: Young Justice Invasion - Summit

This Saturday’s episode was action packed and full of surprises. There were unexpected revelations, ambushes  and even deaths! Kaldur’ahm took center stage and kicked ass in just about every way possible. Every second of “Summit” was amazing. Except for one teeny tiny little part…*SPOILERS AHEAD* Deathstroke doesn’t turn out to be who you think he is. In fact he is apparently ko’ed by Kaldur’ahm sometime before the summit meeting somewhere off screen. This part upset me because I felt it made Deathstroke seem wimpy, especially since they didn’t even show the actual fight between him and Kaldur’ahm. Even if Kaldur’ahm had the tactical advantage of magic and the element of surprise, Deathstroke is a tactical genius, with enhanced senses and a far more experienced fighter. There should have been at least some kind of challenge worth showing. They introduced Deathstroke and then wrote him off just like that, making him nothing more than a filler character. This was a huge disappointment for me. Overall though, the episode was fantastic, and a highly recommended episode to watch for any who haven’t seen it already.

Personal Theory: Deathstroke’s True Role on Young Justice

I’ve had this theory running around in my head lately regarding Deathstroke’s true intentions with the Light on Young Justice. Mainly because I’m not happy with the idea that Deathstroke would offer up his services to the Light even if he were offered a generous sum. I could be completely wrong about this, in fact I don’t have an ounce of evidence to back my theory up, but it’s been driving me crazy and I thought it would be fun to share. So here’s my theory… Deathstroke is secretly  working for Batman, whether Batman hired him or asked him to because they have a history/ mutual understanding or respect for one another I don’t know. But Batman has Deathstroke infiltrate the Light to learn their secrets and  protect Artemis and Aqualad because he had the foresight to do so and as a master detective figured out Nightwing and the group’s plans. After all, Lex Luthor did say that “Deathstroke is more of a bishop” and what better chess player is there than Batman?

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